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We develop micro/nanoengineering devices to improve current practices for pathogen diagnosis, personalized treatments, and drug screening.

Latest news

  • Langdon B. Briles (24.04.10):  Langdon successfully defended his Master's degree. His thesis is to develop an advanced pathogen diagnosis platform toward precise antibiotic stewardship. Congratulations!  Great job!

  • Zeba Urooj (24.04.09):  Zeba successfully defended her Master's degree. Her thesis is to develop a methodology to improve biosafety of implantable devices. Congratulations!  Great job!

  • Hope Budny Clymer (24.01.12):  Hope successfully defended her Master's degree. Congratulations!!  Her thesis centers on microfluidic devices toward rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing.  She is the first graduate student in our group. She will continue to pursue a Phd degree in our group.

  • Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B (23.12.05):  Our paper has been published in Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B! This paper develops a robotic-printed droplet system for antibiotic combination screening. Please check it out here. Great thanks for the team!

  • BMES (23.10.14):  Dr. Li attended the BMES conference in Seattle. It's a great experience with great research, lots of friends, and delicious food.

  • SIU Technology and Innovation Expo (23.10.05):  Dr. Li was invited to the SIU Technology and Innovation Expo and gave a presentation about single-cell pathogen diagnosis techniques.

  • Vahidreza Shojaei & Anadil Faruque (23.08.28):  We welcome Vahidreza Shojaei & Anadil Faruque to join the group.

  • Sarowar Alam (23.08.06):  We welcome Sarowar Alam, a Phd student, to join the group.

  • Microfabrication center (23.07.10): We are leading the efforts to establish a microfabrication center @ SIU. This center will support photolithography and 3D printing fabrication processes, which allow creating devices and molds with 2 μm to ~20 cm feature sizes. To maintain these facilities and other lab facilities, our department supports an open position for a lab technician. Please contact us for more details.


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