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We develop micro/nanoengineering devices to improve current practices for pathogen diagnosis, personalize treatments, and drug screening.

Latest news

  • BMES (23.10.14):  Dr. Li attended the BMES conference in Seattle. It's a great experience with great research, lots of friends, and delicious food.

  • SIU Technology and Innovation Expo (23.10.05):  Dr. Li was invited to the SIU Technology and Innovation Expo and gave a presentation about single-cell pathogen diagnosis techniques.

  • Vahidreza Shojaei & Anadil Faruque (23.08.28):  We welcome Vahidreza Shojaei & Anadil Faruque to join the group.

  • Sarowar Alam (23.08.06):  We welcome Sarowar Alam, a Phd student, to join the group.

  • Microfabrication center (23.07.10): We are leading the efforts to establish a microfabrication center @ SIU. This center will support photolithography and 3D printing fabrication processes, which allow creating devices and molds with 2 μm to ~20 cm feature sizes. To maintain these facilities and other lab facilities, our department supports an open position for a lab technician. Please contact us for more details.

  • Nature Immunology (23.03.21):  The collaboration work with Profs Zhu, Kamiya, & Wang has been published in Nature Immunology! This work reveals new evidence that immune system cells in the gut linked to stress-induced depression. Please check it out here. Great thanks for the team!

  • Nature Reviews Methods Primers (23.02.02):  Our paper has been published in Nature Reviews Methods Primers! Please check it out here. Great thanks for the team!


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